CV 2018 (pdf)



The sky taught me how to paint. It taught me about impermanence and appreciating the present moment; a passing cloud, here and gone. I am humbled by the wind, the waves, the sun and the night, so powerful and alive. My enthusiasm for the horizon is rooted in an appreciation for nature and its transformational magic. My work is an invitation to reflect and to wonder, and to be inspired.


At the moment, I'm in pursuit of the in-between. It's tricky to talk about the in-between because it's not this or that, here nor there, but rather a transitional space in-between the two. This space resides amidst presence and absence, physical and energetic, figure and ground. Like an archway, it is both the arch and the way

In the essence of the in-between, I reflect on the ever-changing sky; like a passing cloud, in flux between seen and unseen realms, the manifest and the mystery.